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Letters to Urula

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The 5th months has passed since I started taking Urula. It was a friend of mine who recommended to take it, as I was having serious troubles of pimples. At the beginning, I could not believe entirely, but to my surprise, the pimples started disappearing. Today, even the mark of pimples started disappearing, and my ruddy face is being normalized little by little. This is really good product for skin.
Female, 25, Office worker, Mie

After only one month of trial, I was very much surprised when I wash my face. The skin became shiny and velvety. I did not feel anymore the skin get tight, moreover, the wrinkle beside the corner of the eyes started leaving.
Female, 27, Office worker, Hyogo

I drink more than 3 times a week because of my trading business, but occasionally I get hangover. A golf buddy recommend taking Urula. I bought a box just to test. Now I take it regularly, since no headache in the morning anymore. To my bigger surprise, I can feel my skin gets smooth, now I ask my wife to take it too.
Male, 41, Tokyo

The first month of taking "Urula HA-DS", I realized already my skin velvety, which was sensation for me! I heard that it is also good for atopy, I recommended my daughter (a high school student) to take it as well. She is very happy with the result; especially, the darker skin around the neck is lighter!
Female, 45, Kyoto

At the beginning, of course I felt the skin smooth and shiny, and elastic. Moreover I found that my health has been ameliorated remarkably, for example: having less pain of joint, backache, stiff and painful shoulder due to my age etc. Recently, it's even becoming my pleasure to take this "Urula HA-DS". Today, my health condition is still under amelioration, but already the stiff of shoulder and neck of soon after rising has almost disappeared. For me it's sensational.
Male, 58, Executive, Tokyo

A friend of mine proposed to take it as monitor. I had an apoplexy around two years ago. I have almost recovered, but still have some troubles with my left hand, left leg, and left shoulder.
In the 4th weeks I felt my left wrist more flexible, in the 12th weeks I felt like the waste leaving. Since then I feel refreshing every morning. For instance, I realized that I could reach the telephone to answer quicker than before. I guess the muscle is being strengthened, that decreased the trouble I had.
Female, 70, Retired, Yokohama