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VAR Application

To qualify as URULA Value Assurance Reseller (VAR), you or your company shall achieve and maintain selling a minimum quantity of 24 boxes (60-tablet per box) of Urula HA-DS product in 6 month period, and agree to follow our VAR Policy. Please also read VAR Application info below.

URULA Value Assurance Reseller (VAR) Application

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VAR Application info

There are two methods to resell Urula product:

First method is to purchase your own Urula product inventory at VAR price (starting at 25% margin for 8 boxes), then sell it to your own customers.

Second method is to refer your customer to bio-harmony.com website, every time your customer makes an online purchase, you’ll automatically receive a commission no less than 16.6% of list price ($20 or more commission per order).

After you submit the VAR Application, we will email the VAR Policy to you. Once your VAR account is approved, you can place inventory orders, view your referred purchase commission, or manage your account information online from your own VAR Account area at this website.

If you have other questions concerning VAR Application, please email to VARsupport@bio-harmony.com