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The Origin of Urula and HA-DS

Urula HA-DS is a health food supplement extracted from all-natural sources. Hyaluronic Acid* (HA), Dermatan Sulfate (DS) and Chondroitin Sulfate (CHS) are the main components. HA, DS and CHS belong to a group of biochemicals called mucopolysaccharides. They are present in human tissues, organs, and fluids including skin, eyes, heart, blood vessel, liver, lung, intestine, muscle, synovia, cartilage etc., and serve many important biological functions.

In 1934, Karl Meyer and his assistant, John Palmer, isolated a novel glycosaminoglycan from the vitreous of bovine eyes. They showed that this substance contained an uronic acid and an amino sugar, but no sulfoesters. In their words: "we propose, for convenience, the name hyaluronic acid, from hyaloids (vitreous) + uronic acid." This marked the birth announcement for one of nature’s most versatile and fascinating macromolecule.

Urula HA-DS is an all-natural anti aging food supplement developed in Japan

Hyaluronic acid, or HA, which aging bodies typically lose. Japanese researchers believe, by effectively supplementing HA to human body may ward off the aging process (see ABC News PrimeTime report Nov. 2, 2000). After years of painstaking research, finally in 1997, Japanese scientists at a major nutritional research firm Medicaraise succeeded in deriving Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Dermatan Sulfate (DS) from all natural sources (to avoid using synthetic materials), which can be digested and effectively absorbed by human body.

The result of this process had been certified by Japan Food Research Laboratories--an organization authorized by the Japanese Government. This new method of producing HA-DS provides new and effective weapons in the war on aging.

HA and DS are no strangers to medical and cosmetic industries in the West

In the United States, Hyaluronic Acid has been used for years in eye surgery as a shock absorber to protect the retina, and has been proven effective in lubricating arthritic joints. HA has also been shown to have wound-healing and tissue-reconstruction applications. Several major Western cosmetic companies tout HA and DS as effective ingredients in moisturizers that can soften facial lines, leaving skin elastic and firm, as well as protecting the skin from UV.

Urula HA-DS is original and exclusive

After more than five years (since 1997) in the Japanese food supplement market with tens of thousands of satisfied continuous users, Urula HA-DS is now available in North America. Attentively manufactured and quality controlled in Japan, every box of Urula HA-DS is imported in its original package to ensure the highest purity. Urula HA-DS also went through the stringent USDA tests and earned U.S. Governmental permit.



Japanese scientists at nutritional research firm Medicaraise succeeded in deriving HA and DS from all-natural sources. This marked the birth of Urula HA-DS. Pictured here is a trade show presentation in Japan.
Every box of Urula HA-DS is imported from Japan, packed in airtight individual blister package to ensure the highest freshness and purity. Urula HA-DS also has USDA permit.
Urula HA-DS is also an effective
beauty and skin care
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Every Urula HA-DS package has manufacturer’s imprint of Lot Number and Expiration Date.


*Hyaluronic Acid, most frequently referred to as "Hyaluronan" in the West, is one of the most fascinating macromolecules in nature, and one which is currently receiving a lot of attention from both the research and commercial sectors. GlycoForum: The Science of Hyaluronan The Glycoforum website is intended as a public service to reach the wider research community. The Glycoforum has chosen the topic of "The Science of Hyaluronan Today" as it's first series. You will be able to find more in-depth information regarding HA from this site.