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Why become an URULA Value Assurance Reseller?

REASON 1 : A rewarding opportunity

To help people look younger, feel happier, and most probable, live longer & healthier . . . in doing so, you will be able to make very nice extra income. The best part : most of these extra income will be continuous, since most of Urula users are long-term loyal users.

REASON 2 : Urula is a proven product

  • Sold in Japan for more than five years, the fast growing Japanese market for this HA-DS formula is over $65 million USD in 2002, and projected to exceed $85 million in 2003.
  • Majority users reported visible, identifiable improvements on signs of aging, most visible on improved skin conditions.
  • Manufactured by Tanabe Seiyaku, one of the most reputable Japanese pharmaceutical company, its 2001 total assets exceeding $2.2 billion USD.
  • Urula HA-DS is made from all-natural ingredients, no synthetic materials.
  • Certified by Japan Food Research Laboratories. USDA approved in the United States.
  • Featured in ABC News PrimeTime on Nov. 2, 2000. For details, go to main site bio-harmony.com
REASON 3 : Timing -- the market is ready

Anti-aging is one of the most important new health care model for the twenty-first century. (See detail at: Market Condition).
The proven Urula HA-DS formula is only available recently to the North America market. It's the best timing to get started!

Your first step toward this rewarding opportunity is to fill out our VAR Application.
Newly available in North America, USDA approved, every box of Urula HA-DS is imported in its original package.
Urula HA-DS is proven effective as a beauty and skin care ingredient. It's "Revolutionary" since it revitalizes the skin from inside out, reaches the entire body.