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Market Condition for Urula HA-DS


Anti-aging medicine is mainstream

Anti-aging medicine -- a clinical specialty that extends the concept of preventive health care to embrace the very early detection, prevention, and reversal of aging-related diseases coupled with the aggressive yet gentle disease treatment -- is the most important new model for health care for this new millennium. By all estimates, anti-aging will emerge as the preeminent model of medical care for the twenty-first century.

$2 billion food supplement market in the U.S. -- and growing

Historically, East Asian such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean have always believed in the power of food to heal. Today, in modern societies, the majorities believe eating a healthy diet can reduce a person’s risk of disease. As many as 7 out of 10 people believe natural foods can prevent problems as serious as cancer. More than thirty present of them named specific health issues, such as to lose weight or to lower cholesterol level, as important factors when choosing foods.

Nowadays, people are willing to spend more money in order to stay healthy. Currently in the United States, the food supplement market is about $1.8 billion and will reach $2.2 billion on year 2004.

Not only "anti-aging", Urula is a revolutionary "Beauty and Skin Care" product

In 1997, Japanese nutritional research firm Medicaraise and pharmaceutical giant Tanabe Seiyaku succeeded jointly in deriving Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Dermatan Sulfate (DS) from all natural sources, this marked the birth of Urula HA-DS anti-aging supplement. After introduced in Japanese market for four years, Urula HA-DS has also proven itself as a highly effective Beauty and Skin Care product. It's "Revolutionary" since it revitalizes the skin from inside out, reaches the entire body.

Japan’s fast growing market for this HA-DS formula is projected to exceed $85 million USD in 2003.

Urula is original, effective, and exclusive

Attentively manufactured and quality controlled in Japan, every bottle of Urula HA-DS is imported in its original package to ensure the highest purity. Urula also passed the USDA tests and earned U.S. Governmental permit. Urula anti-aging supplement's target consumers are people 35 year and older, both male and female, mid to high-income.

Our Japanese market experience also tells us: it is highly popular with appearance-conscious female 25 to 60, who takes Urula HA-DS regularly as a Beauty and Skin Care remedy.

Images from 11/02/2001 ABC News PrimeTime report:
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